The title of a movie is a key reference when writing essays. Many films have multiple titles and have been changed elsewhere. Mad Max 2 was renamed The Road Warrior in America. Star Wars was renamed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in some countries and Raiders of the Lost Ark was given the title Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom several decades later. The expectations of your audience and the context will determine the title of your essay.

The proper way to mention a movie title in an essay varies, depending on the writing style required by your instructor. In traditional writing, you will underline the movie title. If you are writing your essay on an electronic device, however you may want to put the name in quotation marks. To ensure proper formatting, it’s important to use different style rules. Be sure to consult with your teacher or instructor.

For example, APA style requires that you write the film’s name in italics. In APA style, you must use italics for all movie titles. You should also capitalize all the major words in the title. Make sure you capitalize all four letters of the director’s name. The film must be spelled title correctly or else you’ll misspell the word that is crucial.

Contrary to the normal writing style, movie titles have distinct formatting rules. Generally, you should capitalize the first and last words of the title. All proper nouns should be capitalized, as well as important words. For titles of movies and title cards, stylized capitalization is acceptable. However the standard capitalization style is preferred for academic writing. Nonstandard capitalization should be retained only when absolutely required.

In most instances, the title of the film should be italicized or in italicized. It is not recommended to italicize titles of films that are less than 30 seconds long. Short films, in contrast aren’t required to be italicized, however, you can use quotation marks. The Associated Press style does NOT require that you italicize movie titles. Before you submit your work, make sure to review the style guide.

The AP style is a further consideration when creating the movie’s title. You should capitalize the first word after a colon, and the first and the last word of a hyphenated phrase. It is also a good idea to capitalize the first letter of a movie title as well as any major words that are contained within it. No matter what style guide you follow it is crucial to use correct capitalization in every instance.

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