They are true professionals in digital marketing and they offer quality services. We believe in a collaborative approach to consulting, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. Our goal is to provide practical solutions and guidance to help our clients achieve success and reach their full potential. Software as a Service is the most commonly used area of cloud computing that provides multiple cloud tenants access to a certain application.

Oracle: Undervalued With Huge Hybrid Cloud Tailwinds (ORCL) – Seeking Alpha

Oracle: Undervalued With Huge Hybrid Cloud Tailwinds (ORCL).

Posted: Thu, 29 Dec 2022 23:17:00 GMT [source]

Integrating new technologies into your business is one of the most important and adequate steps to push your business to the top of the industry market. The team of Romanian IT experts can create, on demand, individually developed apps for certain clients, unique interfaces and integrated systems. This way, the final product is better and more effective than any other standard software solution. Deploying a cloud-based system for the first time can be a costly and time-consuming affair for an organization. Although businesses may be paying a lower rental rate for their hosting provider, they will have to invest a large amount of money on their own resources.

With software development kits and Visual Studio at your disposal, developers can easily create and deploy applications. For storage, developers can choose from a SQL Database, Tables and Blobs. Infrastructure as a service includes the basic necessities for the cloud and offers access to network functions, virtual machines, dedicated hardware and storage space.

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Being a cloud solutions provider, we are also encouraging the safety and health of your skilled resources at this unpredictable time. Thus, creating a way out to fight off the rising threat and come out strong with an operational and profitable business.Check out other technologies and offshore services . Windows Azure cloud services is also a PaaS provider that supports .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java and Ruby.

Streamlining operations and increasing efficiency by identifying and improving inefficient processes. Unlock the full potential of your business with expert consultancy and personalized solutions. We offer an industry–leading aftercare support programme that you can trust.

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These technologies serve as the foundation for your business operations, SaaS and other cloud-based services. Office 365 is a form of SaaS where anyone can open a monthly subscription to Microsoft’s suite of Office products. SaaS provides a complete solution owned and managed by an IT services provider. These solutions are optimal for end-user applications for daily operations. Especially at this point in a pandemic situation, spreading all across the world, cloud computing technology creates an uninterrupted working environment.

Zanibal Solutions Nigeria Limited is one of the leading software firms in Nigeria and has provided a consistent suite of solutions and support for us over the years. They have in their employment a highly qualified support team, which has proven very helpful to our operations. Our solutions help organisations automate core business processes, delivering data insights and business efficiencies to inform better decision making. From finance to supply-chain to sales and marketing and beyond, our solutions provide the visibility and insights to help advance ambitions.

A Cloud solution is a virtual infrastructure to provide remote working access to software, applications, servers & data centers through the internet connection. Using the cloud support, business organizations do not require to invest a hefty amount on, in-house computing infrastructure and applications. Also, cloud storage keeps the large pile of your company’s data and files within easy reach from any location. A hosted cloud is a complete cloud deployment with all the applications and services you need.

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Traditional business models entail maintaining an IT staff that maintains/buys computer hardware frequently to keep up with system hardware updates and new software release. This usually means high costs to the business to maintain this “physical infrastructure”. Further, to incorporate other software and services to grow the business means buying more servers and equipment to meet this requirement. Here, we deal in offering cloud solution service that helps companies carry on the working procedures despite being in self-isolated condition. Rely on the service to encourage a new way of working remotely and let the communication, engagement, and business purpose still operational.

With cloud computing benefits, employees can increase the overall work productivity, thus helping companies to flourish during pandemic conditions created by coronavirus. Zanibal’s MyWealth is a suite of research & investment management applications integrated with your back office. We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms to help businesses reach a wider audience and improve their operations. Our team of experienced cloud business solutions consultants helps organizations improve their performance and reach their goals through expert advice and guidance. In addition to our consulting services, we also offer a range of training and development programs to help clients build their internal capabilities and achieve sustainable results. We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals.


Jcurve is a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, with a large and experienced of ERP experts for implementation, account management, and ongoing support. We design and build custom software solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Learn how one nonprofit drastically reduced infrastructure costs with a hybrid cloud migration. Our development experts have intimate knowledge of the workings of various ERP systems and can extend and develop them to fit your needs. For Zanibal solutions that are deployed onsite, please download and review our support policy. Transform your technology and processes, to execute more efficiently, champion the customer, and achieve optimal performance.

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Whether you opt for Bronze support for peace of mind, or our Gold for accelerated growth, we’ll support you all the way. Office productivity tools, Mobile clients, an XPDL workflow engine, an Enterprise Service Bus with prebuilt adapters for a lot of integration scenarios. The team is always looking for outstanding talents in the new technological world. So, if you are the best in your technological field stand by to check out our latest job offers. Conducting market research and analysis to understand the target market and competition. Eco2Solar chose NetSuite to manage the business, allowing them to remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Deploy the fully protected data mechanisms

We know custom software isn’t easy to plan and deliver, but we also know growing companies need this type of solutions that are able to provide a unique competitive edge in their market. Our goal is to have you up and running on your new system quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment. We bring to the market the cutting-edge apps and software you were looking for. We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions. Oracle NetSuite ERP is the leading cloud business software suite and is used by over 40,000 organisations around the world. It is easy to set-up and deploy, straight forward to use and can grow as your needs grow.

  • Transform your technology and processes, to execute more efficiently, champion the customer, and achieve optimal performance.
  • Our team includes consultants with a range of skills, including market research, operational analysis, organizational development, and process improvement.
  • The team of Romanian IT experts can create, on demand, individually developed apps for certain clients, unique interfaces and integrated systems.
  • If you already have an on-premises solution but wish to migrate slowly, a hybrid cloud is a great solution.
  • A modular system, it can be customised for the specific needs of your business.

Zanibal is committed to helping you sucessfully deliver change to your organization and ensure adoption of your new solution by all individuals, and users. When we decided that we needed apisCRM, our business was in full expansion. The need of using a Customer Relationship Management software came when we realized that sales’ volume can suffer without an internal structure that would work both for us and our clients. Our Legal Software, The Osprey Legal Cloud, is a web based Practice Management System for Law Firms, In House Legal Departments and ABSs. The software includes all of the elements that any law firm would require in one comprehensive yet easy to use package.

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The price-structure of Cloud computing elements including sites, applications, storage centers, etc are based on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, allowing companies to closely manage the budget. Thus, cloud hosting reduces the overall cost of IT structure maintenance. SynapseIndia, as the leading top cloud computing company, provides much-needed support to start working flexibly and fulfill business requirements. As a financial service provider, we know that your clients, their data, secure and timely access to market information, execution…

cloud business solutions

We appreciate the effort you put into customizing apisCRM to our specific needs. For me and my sales team, it is a great benefit to access the app with our mobile devices and so being able to coordinate our activities in real time. It helped us to better structure our activity and we got rid of the chaos regarding all our documents, contracts and files. Now, we have a clear record of all the lawsuits and all the activities in the law office. Our business analysts, business process engineers and software engineers work together to align the ERP with your business process, resulting in a customised system, unique to you.


With years of experience across a range of industries, we have the expertise and knowledge to help businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our team includes consultants with a range of skills, including market research, operational analysis, organizational development, and process improvement. Easily monitor the impact of your business by having a round the clock access to work infrastructure and measure productivity while working remotely and with the aid of cloud industry solutions. Support your business by relying on our advanced technical cloud solutions and let not the venom of coronavirus creates any further impact. A suite of solutions for financial planning, accounting, inventory management, sales order processing, performance management and many more. We are curently working with this company to promote our Hard Rock restaurant in Bucharest.

The digital technology of cloud business solutions plays a vital and crucial role in combating the situation of COVID-19. We offer a helping hand of cloud consulting services to companies continuing the operations and meeting requirements through virtual access. Cloud computing business solutions allows your company to leverage resources that cloud service providers manage and store in private, secure servers and networks. Cloud solutions offer an easy solution to back up and mobilize network resources and data.

Regardless of your choices this year, cloud computing has become the standard for businesses to gain access to software, hardware and infrastructure resources. For instance, you can use web-based services for easy payroll and account processing. These services allow you to choose the assortment of web apps for your business. You can select individual services through multiple providers and use them along with your existing solution. With IT costs skyrocketing, it makes business sense to move to a Cloud-based computing model.

In a hosted cloud, applications are already available, and new applications can be developed on low- or high-level infrastructure. Hosted cloud solutions are entirely managed, owned and maintained by a managed services provider and require monthly subscription fees. If you are currently on, or need to, move some or all of your business processes “to the cloud”, we can help! We offer a full range of cloud computing based solutions that will streamline even the most outdated of business IT structures and processes. From Microsoft Office 360 to or your current ERP/CRM system, we can help you incorporate most main stream cloud business application suites into your own line of business applications. This is why our team of experts in Romania will provide, on demand, clever solutions to answer all your problems regarding employee management, document setup and profit maximization.

Cloud backup solutions for small business keep the company’s data goes safe and fully recover in all circumstances. Small to medium size companies are now fully adopting the support of Cloud solutions mainly due to cost-effective price model. We know that every organisation is different – from your technology, to your strategy, to your users needs. It all starts with listening and understanding, being agile and flexible, and our focus on cultural alignment – your culture and ours. Protect your people, your business, and your data, with access to technology, advice and support.. Connectivity solutions designed to keep your team, buildings and applications connected.